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Describing Personas – Indi’s Essays – Medium
People seem to fall into a hole when writing personas, even when they’re doing it based on research: they use demographics to divide between segments and to represent thinking styles. This is a…

Driving Positive Change: A Conversation with Margaret Stewart – The U.S. Digital Service – Medium
Liz Odar, U.S. Digital Service: How do you approach building products that are used by such a large number of people across the globe? Margaret Stewart: What’s important is that we don’t approach our…

What if testing was a part of the design process
Testing is a powerful tool. A wrap-up on which testing methods to choose, how to test responsive web design and make better design decisions.

MetaLab - Slack
“Adapting to agile methodology and understanding that interface design isn’t a Paul Rand situation (one option, one solution) allowed us to explore many different options, all with the end goal of making Slack a success.”