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Adam Curtis on the Dangers of Self-Expression
BBC journalist and the documentarian behind HyperNormalisation, Adam Curtis, discusses art, individualism, power, myth, and the complications of self-expression.

Who Am I Without My Voice?
I was a singer heading out on tour. Losing my voice was terrifying — but it ended up teaching me everything about myself.

Finding the Hardest Spelling Bee Puzzle
The Spelling Bee is a word puzzle published daily by The New York Times. The rules are very simple, which got me thinking about generating puzzles automatically. In this project, I created a metric for measuring the approximate difficulty of Spelling Bee puzzles, which I used to study the space of all Spelling Bees. In particular, I found the easiest and hardest puzzles, and also looked at how the subset of human curated puzzles published by The New York Times fit into the broader space.

How Tennis Balls Became Yellow, Feat. David Attenborough
Somehow, I didn’t know that until quite recently, tennis balls were white instead of yellow (Wimbledon used white balls unti

A Woman Who Left Society to Live With Bears Weighs in on “Man or Bear”
In this piece, long-term bicycle traveler Laura Killingbeck reflects on the "Man or Bear" debate and adds her unique perspective...

Break free from modern addiction
An online course and community to help you break free from modern addiction and live a fulfilling life. Get access today.

Strudel REPL
JavaScript version of tidalcycles

True Life: I Called Off My Wedding | Los Angeles Review of Books
In an excerpt from LARB Quarterly no. 41, “Truth,” Sarah Yanni accounts for what she left behind when she called off her wedding—and what she couldn’t....

Brandy Jensen: "The Polycrisis"
A review of Molly Roden Winter’s More: A Memoir of Open Marriage and Christopher Gleason’s American Poly: A History.