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CCTV Footage Cross-Stitch
Oh man, I don’t think this could be any more in my wheelhouse: cross-stitch embroideries of CCTV camera images by Franci

Cow Magnets
Cow magnets are very popular with farmers, ranchers, and veterinarians since they are a well-known method of preventing hardware disease in cattle.

It's time to look back at SimCopter's digital himbo prank
With social media discussing "himbos" this week, it's a good opportunity to revisit future The Yes Men activist Jacques Servin's SimCopter prank, which secretly placed armies of kissing bodybuilders into the 1996 game.

Scrabble: Mattel launches new version of game which is 'less competitive'
Mattel says the new board is designed to be accessible for those who find word games intimidating.

The (not so) subtle reason you hate chatbots
Virtual agents, decision trees and ChatGPT-powered conversations aren't exactly the future of customer service that we were promised.

The unusual manner in which cicadas pee — and why the information is useful
Little insects pee in droplets. But it turns out that cicadas pee in jets — and why and how they do it could help scientists better understand microfluidics and advance all kinds of technologies.

Pursuits That Can’t Scale
“Society tends to paint a picture that the final act of every big dreamer’s journey is in scaling up to unimaginable heights, but I think it’s the opposite – it’s actually in scaling back down after trying to reach the proverbial top. Make time to pursue things that can’t scale. I’d bet it does you as much good as ‘real’ therapy ever could”

Why Are (Most) Sofas So Bad?
The most important piece of furniture in your home is in need of assistance. How did we end up here? And how can we fix it?

The Squatters of Beverly Hills
After a fugitive doctor abandoned his mansion, an enterprising group of party throwers slid in, upending the lives of their wealthy neighbors.