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Block Telethon 1992 — the day we ‘pissed on pity’ | by Georgia | Medium
The Telethon was a 24-hour charity broadcast which raised money for disabled people — and patronised them in the process. The campaign to rid TV screens of ITV’s Telethon began in early summer 1990…

The African Accent and the Colonial Ear
In Western films set in Africa, misrepresentations of spoken language can harmfully homogenize the cultural nuances of diverse nations.

Self-Promotion Without Social Media – Book
Tired of performing for (or conforming to) social media? This book reveals how artists, designers, freelancers and solo business owners from all industries can increase their visibility, attract clients and market themselves, without the daily grind of active social media promotion.

How we made our Figma workflow 15% more efficient | by Brooke Altman | Deliveroo Design | Medium
Here at Deliveroo, our Experience team uses Figma as a canvas to capture, iterate and communicate our thoughts in one place. In addition to actual product design, any of our files (especially our…

Crew aboard a U.S.-bound plane discovered a missing window pane at 13,000 feet
Passengers said the cabin seemed "noisier and colder than they were used to." That's when a crew member noticed a window seal flapping at the back of the aircraft.

David Kirke believed safe sport repressed people’s imaginations
The world’s first bungee-jumper and founder of the Dangerous Sports Club died on October 21st, aged 78 | Obituary

Austin Kleon
How to graciously say no to anyone “There is no money in answering letters.”  —Groucho Marx A couple of years ago, I was getting sent this article, “Creative People Say No,” at least twice a day. The...

No Human Being Can Exist | Saree Makdisi
What we are not allowed to say, as Palestinians speaking to the Western media, is that all life is equally valuable. That no event takes place in a vacuum. That history didn’t start on October 7, 2023, and if you place what’s happening in the wider historical context of colonialism and anticolonial resistance, what’s most remarkable is that anyone in 2023 should be still surprised that conditions of absolute violence, domination, suffocation, and control produce appalling violence in turn.

Career Advice
To my great surprise, young people now somewhat frequently contact me in order to solicit career advice.They are usually in college or highschool, and want to know what the best next steps are for a career in security or software development.This is, honestly, a really complicated question, mostl...