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Only One Deliverable Matters | Big Medium
Too much design effort goes into artifacts that are not part of the working software. There’s a better way to work.

Damn Interesting
A collection of fascinating true stories from history, science, and psychology. In text and podcast form.

How We Write Proposals in My Design Studio – A List Apart Sidebar – Medium
AS THE HEAD of a newish design studio, I spend a fair amount of time writing proposals. And here’s how I like to do it. I do it like a conversation, and that’s how we start: with phone calls and…

Driving Positive Change: A Conversation with Margaret Stewart – The U.S. Digital Service – Medium
Liz Odar, U.S. Digital Service: How do you approach building products that are used by such a large number of people across the globe? Margaret Stewart: What’s important is that we don’t approach our…