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ML + Design
A collection of resources for intersection of design, user experience, machine learning and artificial intelligence

Cole Peters — An Introduction to Constraint Based Design Systems
All interfaces crafted by designers and developers must originate from the needs of an organization’s users. In order for an interface to successfully deliver on this premise, it must be: Consistent (to build trust and familiarity) Predictable (to set expectations and reduce cognitive load), Efficient (to honour that most important resource — time) Accessible (to make the interface available to as many people as possible)

Built for Mars — UX case studies
On a mission to help the world build better user experiences by demystifying UX. Thousands of hours of research packed into UX case studies.

Writing for interfaces - WWDC22 - Videos - Apple Developer
The words and phrases you choose for your app matter. Whether you're writing an alert, building an onboarding experience, or describing...

UX patterns for CLI tools
Most technical people choose GUIs not because GUIs are the best tool for the job. People choose GUIs because the CLI alternatives usually suck.

Squeaky | The privacy-first customer experience platform
Squeaky's customer insights platform helps you understand exactly how customers are using your website or web app, without invading their privacy.

Imposter syndrome in user centred design, and how to beat it | Medium
I surveyed 100 user centred designers on their experiences of imposter syndrome and what has helped them to beat it. Here’s what they said.

The 3 principles of designing for flow
The flow state unlocks creativity and turns work into play. With Rahul Vohra's 3 principles, you can design experiences that cultivate this elusive state.

Personas aren't bad, and you're not a bad designer for using them | Andy Budd
With disturbing regularity, my Twitter stream seems to explode with posts demonising commonly used, yet seemingly harmless design tools. These posts take great pains to document all the ways these tools have failed people in the past (while downplaying or ignoring situation where they may have helped).

What the Fastly outage can teach us about writing error messages | OnlineOrNot
As developers, we can *definitely* do better than 'Error 503 Service Unavailable' when it comes to error messages. This article shows you how.