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Theirtube is a Youtube filter bubble simulator that provides a look into how videos are recommended on other people's YouTube.

Programming with Escher
This notebook is a collection of preliminary notes about a "code camp" (or a series of lectures) aimed at young students inspired by the fascinating Functional Geometry paper of Peter Henderson.

Algorithm-Driven Design — How AI is Changing Design by Yury Vetrov
Will Robots Replace Designers? No. It's more like an exoskeleton for designers. Algorithm-driven design tools can help us to construct a UI, prepare assets and content, and personalize the user experience.

Little crowd simulation
I was watching a presentation about simulating crowd behavior and one slide said "don't path crowd members around each other. It's more natural to make one person stop and allow the other to pass, then keep moving." So I mocked it up. It's buggy but I like the look of it, and it looks less like bird flocks and more like human traffic. - dariusk

"Algorithm" is Not a Four-Letter Word
“Algorithm” is not a four-letter word: an interesting slideshow explaining maze algorithms. (great for Tuesday's work!)