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Introducing Godly Website 📣⚡️ A side project I've worked on over the past few months, showcasing the most godlike websites on the Internet.

The Everything App
for those who celebrate trust & autonomy.

All the user-facing states – Eric Bailey
User-facing state is what someone experiences when they interact with (or try to interact with) an element in some capacity

Modern iOS Navigation Patterns · Frank Rausch
An unofficial bonus chapter for the iOS Human Interface Guidelines: Learn how to structure iPhone apps with drill-downs, modals, pyramids, sequences, and more.

CallToInspiration – Small details for very exacting ideas!
Call for inspiration using the purple hat for when you have inspiration blocks or need fresh new ideas. A great tool created by a deisnger for web professionals.

Page Flows - user flow design inspiration
See how top brands design their onboarding, upgrading, downgrading and other key user flows

Eyecandy - Visual Technique Library
The visual technique library for visual technique lovers. Enjoy. Learn. Don't gatekeep.

Modern Font Stacks
System font stack CSS organized by typeface classification for every modern OS. The fastest fonts available. No downloading, no layout shifts, no flashes — just instant renders.

Poline — esoteric color palette generator
poline is lightweight, dependency free and fast JavaScript function written in TypeScript. It draws lines between anchors over polar coordinates to generate pleasing color palettes.

The UX of Banking: 900 days of progress
A unique opportunity to revisit 12 UK banks, re-benchmark them, and highlight what 900 days of progress looks like.

Bestfolios - UI/UX Design Portfolio Inspiration and Showcase
Bestfolios is the largest curation of best UI/UX designer portfolios, resumes, case studies and design resources. – Figma
Convert any website into fully editable Figma designs. Leverage an existing website and import its html to Figma to start your own designs, without building each element from scratch. Powered by technology 🚀 🎉 Support us on Product Hunt today 🎉 How it works: Install this plugin...

When life gives you lemons, write better error messages | by Jenni Nadler | Sep, 2022 | Wix UX
Error messages are part of our daily lives online. Every time a server is down or we don’t have internet, or we forget to add some info in a form, we get an error message. “Something went wrong” is…