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Héritages en question dans les milieux militants anticapitalistes
+ salut camarade héritièr·e

Allusionist 45: Eponyms II - Name That Disease — The Allusionist
If you love eponyms like Roman Mars loves eponyms, I'm afraid physician Isaac Siemens is here to deliver some bad news: medics are ditching them, in favour of terms that a) contain information about what the ailment actually is, and/or b) don't honour Nazi war criminals. Eponyms are controversial things.

The Oneida Utopia | Stuff You Missed in History
“which led to the Oneida Community, an 1870s free love commune with a commitment to equality between genders, now a giant silverware company” (via @v21, @katbamkapow)

Les émissions | Ouïedire
Ouïedire, j'en ai déjà entendu parler quelque part

How does Facebook’s timeline shape identity? | The Timekeeper Project
They generously respond by musing on how search engines mask the temporal dimension of identity and to what extent Facebook’s social dynamics differ from the playground, through to the prospect of what a social media life-map would look like if designed by quantum computing “where there really is no concept of time”.