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Outside the Limits of the Human Imagination | The New Republic
What the new documentary “Wild, Wild Country” doesn’t capture about the magnetism and evil of the Rajneesh cult

Les manuels Roret | Le blog de Gallica
Les Manuels Roret ont été publiés de 1822 à 1939. Riche de près de 400 titres, cette collection éditoriale constitue une encyclopédie des savoir-faire et des techniques professionnelles d’une grande variété.

Garden Museum - celebrating British gardens and gardening
The Garden Museum explores and celebrates British gardens and gardening through its collection, temporary exhibitions, events and garden.

IanVisits - Blog and What's On in London
Ian's quirky guide to cheap events in London updated daily, and regular blog about history, events and geeky interests.

The Oneida Utopia | Stuff You Missed in History
“which led to the Oneida Community, an 1870s free love commune with a commitment to equality between genders, now a giant silverware company” (via @v21, @katbamkapow)

Damn Interesting
A collection of fascinating true stories from history, science, and psychology. In text and podcast form.

Unseen Apollo
These never-before-seen images provide a new perspective on the iconic mission