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MIT Scientists prove adults learn language to fluency nearly as well as children
This week a new paper was published in the journal Cognition titled “A Critical Period for Second Language Acquisition” that used a new, viral Facebook-quiz-powered method of gathering a huge…

F's and V's Might Have Appeared After Agriculture - The Atlantic
If farming helped introduce f’s and v’s 12,000 years ago, it would challenge the principle that humans’ language abilities haven’t significantly changed since we first learned to speak. | Industrial-strength Natural Language Processing
spaCy is a library for industrial-strength text processing in Python. If you're a small company doing NLP, we want spaCy to seem like a minor miracle.

Pluralization for JavaScript · An A List Apart Article
Getting plurals right in localization is a tricky prospect—each language has its own rules, and exceptions within those rules. How can we scale our websites and apps to respond to our global audience? Tingan Ho shows us how MessageFormat lessens some common pain points in the pluralization process.

Ce site est consacré aux termes recommandés au Journal officiel de la République française. Il regroupe un ensemble de termes de différents domaines scientifiques et techniques.

Oor Wullie | Home
A fun guide to learning Scots for primary teachers and pupils with DC Thomson's iconic character, Oor Wullie. All activities have been mapped to the Curriculum for Excellence.