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The Raster Tragedy at Low-Resolution Revisited | Beat Stamm
Font hinting is an opportunity to get on-screen text rendering as close to the art of printing as the available screen technologies allow.

In-Depth Guide to the Best Free Fonts • Beautiful Web Type
Discover the best free fonts from Google and across the web. See beautiful examples, recommended pairings, OpenType features, and more.

A family designed especially for literacy use, taking into account the needs of beginning readers

Use & Modify
collection of libre/open source fonts, made by Raphaël Bastide

Just Another Foundry – JAF Bernini Sans
JAF Bernino Sans’s finely balanced weight distribution and open shapes make it a great text face, while the wide variety of weights and widths provide the designer with a powerful toolbox for headings and display typography. JAF Bernina Sans is a more informal version with alternate letterforms, such as round dots and a double-storey g.