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A plan for accessible charts – Benjy Stanton
A list of user research findings, accessibility report findings, best practice, resources and good ideas that I’ve collected over the past 2 years.

Surprise Maps: Showing the Unexpected – Medium
In 1977, Jerry Ehman — an astronomer working with the SETI project to seek out alien life — came across an interesting radio signal, one needle in the haystack of all of the electromagnetic signals…

mathisonian/awesome-visualization-research: A list of recommended research papers and other readings on data visualization
A curated list of data visualizations research papers, books, blog posts, and other readings. I aim to limit this to pieces that will be of interest to practitioners as well as academics.

Tufte the Musical!
Pad used for the “Tufte the Musical” session at MozFest - using Tufte's principles for data visualisation to make songs

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