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CCTV Footage Cross-Stitch
Oh man, I don’t think this could be any more in my wheelhouse: cross-stitch embroideries of CCTV camera images by Franci

How to Build an Origami Computer
Two mathematicians have shown that origami can, in principle, be used to perform any possible computation. Paper is Turing-complete

Recursive Recipes | Make food from scratch
Each recipe has ingredients which is also a recipe, follow them to make your food from scratch!

Your product is a joke - The Paperclip by
eesel automatically brings together all your work in one place. Google docs, Figma designs, Salesforce opportunities, LinkedIn profiles, Intercom conversations and even custom tools your company built - if it has a URL, eesel can save it.

Pts is a javascript library for visualization and creative-coding.

I Miss My Bar - Recreate Your Favorite Bar's Atmosphere
A modern digital artifact recreating the atmosphere of our favorite local bars to keep us company while it’s safe to visit them again. An initiative by Maverick Monterrey.

blokdots is a simple to use software to build interactive hardware prototypes without a line of code.