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A Collection of Design Engineers
Collecting people I know who work at the intersection of design and engineering, in an attempt to figure out what a design engineer is

How to Build an Origami Computer
Two mathematicians have shown that origami can, in principle, be used to perform any possible computation. Paper is Turing-complete

Cody Dock Rolling Bridge
Cody Dock is a huge ex-industrial dock located off the tidal Lea river. The Dock is now home to a dynamic artistic community who are in the process of transforming the place from dereliction into an oasis of creativity and production. Reopening...

Code: Falsehoods programmers believe about email
In the spirit of falsehoods programmers believe about names and time, here’s some falsehoods about email which are all too common.

High performance individuals and teams | Pablasso
Growing up, the only thing that put me off while learning software development, was the common occurrence of people who cared more about one…

Pair Programming Antipatterns
Consider reflecting with your pair or asking for feedback after each session. What could have been better?

Don't build (or build) that feature
A simple, opinionated decision system to help decide whether to build a software feature or not.

Stay alert - DEV Community
A short while ago, Chrome broke the web by disabling alert(), confirm() and prompt() dialogs from... Tagged with javascript.

Always be quitting -
A good philosophy to live by at work is to “always be quitting”. No, don’t be constantly thinking of leaving your job 😱. But act as if you might leave on short notice 😎. Counterintuitively, this will make you a better engineer and open up growth opportunities. A thread 👇.

An incomplete list of skills senior engineers need, beyond coding | by Camille Fournier | Jun, 2021 | Medium
For varying levels of seniority, from senior, to staff, and beyond.. “An incomplete list of skills senior engineers need, beyond coding” is published by Camille Fournier.