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Plant care app - Keep your plants alive
Individual care schedule and reminders for your plants, recommendations, step by step guides, identification, light meter and more. Keep your plants alive with Planta!

Habo (habit tracker)
Introducing Habo, the habit tracker app that helps you create and maintain healthy habits for a better life.

The Everything App
for those who celebrate trust & autonomy.

Modern iOS Navigation Patterns · Frank Rausch
An unofficial bonus chapter for the iOS Human Interface Guidelines: Learn how to structure iPhone apps with drill-downs, modals, pyramids, sequences, and more.

rcmd - Switch apps instantly using the ⌘ Right Command key
Use the Right Command key and the first letter of the app name to switch to that app instantly. Forget about Command Tab Tab Tab... you get the idea.

Ellie - A better day planner
Ellie helps you organize your thoughts and plan your day in a beautiful and simple website and iOS app.

Capture everything
Record, remix and share high-quality videos using the superpowers of your Mac. Detail works with your iPhone, iPad, built-in webcam, or any other camera.

An app can be a home-cooked meal
Peo­ple don’t only learn to cook so they can become chefs. Some do! But many more peo­ple learn to cook so they can eat bet­ter, or more affordably. Because they want to carry on a tradition. Some­times they learn because they’re bored! Or even because — get this — they love spend­ing time with the per­son who’s teaching them.

In-App Subscriptions Made Easy – RevenueCat
RevenueCat makes it easy to build, analyze, and grow in-app purchases and subscriptions on iOS, Android, and the web – no server code required. Get started for free.

Knots 3D - Learn how to tie over 150 useful knots!
Knots 3D will show you how to tie more than 150 knots! We take knot tying into the next dimension with unique 360 degree views in 3D space. Grab some rope and have fun!

Easily spot the differences in text and image files. Review changes in seconds with the world's most advanced iOS and Mac diff tool.

eesel - All your work in one place
eesel automatically brings together all your work in one place. Google docs, Figma designs, Salesforce opportunities, LinkedIn profiles, Intercom conversations and even custom tools your company built - if it has a URL, eesel can save it.

Hello Kinopio – Kinopio
Kinopio is the visual thinking tool for new ideas and hard problems.

Meet Alva
Create living prototypes with code components. Design with the same components your engineers are using for production.