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Hacking your keyboard with karabiner · Kaushik Gopal's Site
Curated thoughts on various topics like programming, technology, music, life and personal stuff from Kaushik Gopal. Friends call me kaush.

Amazing Marvin - Customizable Task Manager and Daily Planner
Highly customizable Task Manager that allow you to find your perfect workflow. Todo list with a daily planning approach.

No-Signup Tools
Free web apps that don't require registration or login

The productivity tax you pay for context switching
How distraction became our default way of working and what you can do to reclaim your focus

Learn Vim the Simple Way
Vim lessons that get to the point. Build proficiency fast. Improve with detailed feedback.

How To Say No
Saying no is hard, but it's also essential for your sanity. Here are some templates for how to say no - so you can take back your life.

Developers spend most of their time figuring the system out
What does it mean when we say that developers spend most of their time figuring the system out? Why is it important? And how else could we look at this problem?

How To Do Less
You probably need to do fewer things right now. Prioritization, the other definition There’s two loose definitions of prioritization. Prioritization(1): Ordering a todo list. You make a giant list of things you could do, things you should do, things you’d like to do… and then you put a unique number...

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