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rcmd - Switch apps instantly using the ⌘ Right Command key
Use the Right Command key and the first letter of the app name to switch to that app instantly. Forget about Command Tab Tab Tab... you get the idea.

Hacking your keyboard with karabiner · Kaushik Gopal's Site
Curated thoughts on various topics like programming, technology, music, life and personal stuff from Kaushik Gopal. Friends call me kaush.

eesel - All your work in one place
eesel automatically brings together all your work in one place. Google docs, Figma designs, Salesforce opportunities, LinkedIn profiles, Intercom conversations and even custom tools your company built - if it has a URL, eesel can save it.

¿©hara¢ter(s)! | A typographic cheat sheet.
A typographic cheat sheet. Simple overview page for special characters and their shortcodes. Comes as an easy to use web app.