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Keyboard tricks from a macOS app dev — Alin Panaitiu
Alin Panaitiu's notes and ramblings: short-form content on macOS apps, music and computers in general

Hacking your keyboard with karabiner · Kaushik Gopal's Site
Curated thoughts on various topics like programming, technology, music, life and personal stuff from Kaushik Gopal. Friends call me kaush.

Try This One Weird Trick Russian Hackers Hate – Krebs on Security
DarkSide, like a great many other malware strains, has a hard-coded do-not-install list of countries which are the principal members of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) — former Soviet satellites that mostly have favorable relations with the Kremlin. The full exclusion list in DarkSide (published by Cybereason) is below:

What Does a Coder Do If They Can't Type? | Objective Funk
In August of 2015, my hands stopped working. I could still control them, but every movement accumulated more pain, so every motion came with a cost: getting dressed in the morning, sending a text, lifting a glass. I was interning at Google that summer about to begin a PhD in Scotland, but coding all day would have left me in agony. In relating this story, I often mention that for months before I learned to work without my hands, I had nothing to do but go to a bar and order a shot of...

Focusingly – Better focus styling
With Focusingly, focus styling adapts to match and fit individual elements.

¿©hara¢ter(s)! | A typographic cheat sheet.
A typographic cheat sheet. Simple overview page for special characters and their shortcodes. Comes as an easy to use web app.