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The world needs a tech diet; here is how designers can help
It’s time we bridge the gap between feel-good Design & Ethics panels and the work we do everyday as digital product designers.

Why Are Young People Pretending to Love Work? - The New York Times
I saw the greatest minds of my generation log 18-hour days — and then boast about #hustle on Instagram. When did performative workaholism become a lifestyle?

Why we should bulldoze the business school | News | The Guardian
The long read: There are 13,000 business schools on Earth. That’s 13,000 too many. And I should know – I’ve taught in them for 20 years

Article11 - Nauru : l'île de la tentation devenue enfer sur terre - Benjamin
En un livre qui fait froid dans le dos, « Nauru, l’île dévastée », Luc Folliet raconte l’histoire triste et absurde d’un peuple du Pacifique qui a eu (...)

Adactio: Journal—Hope
That’s my fear. Only time will tell whether the closed or open forces will win the battle for the soul of the internet. But if we believe that centralised, proprietary, capitalistic forces are inherently unstoppable, then our belief will help make them so.

« Salut les artistes ! Tant pis si je me trompe » ou, La normalisation de l'art
Mais si l’on passe quelques années à donner des cours dans les écoles d’art françaises, on découvre également le revers de la médaille. On se rend surtout compte que la formation académique classique, la formation au métier, aux techniques, tant vitupérée, avait cependant un sens. La transgression enseignée n'en a pas ; la transformation de Duchamp dans un nouvel académisme est bien plus insidieuse que le vieil académisme.

(Thomas Piketty) Capital Man - The Chronicle of Higher Education
“[…] Too much energy has been and still is being wasted on pure theoretical speculation without a clear specification of the economic facts one is trying to explain or the social and political problems one is trying to resolve."