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Rogue Editors Started a Competing Wikipedia That’s Only About Roads
A group of Wikipedia editors wrote 15,000 articles on US roads and highways. But after a fight over the platform's rules, they went rogue.

Derek Powazek - A community isn’t a garden, it’s a bar.
The most obvious way an online community is like a bar is that bars serve alcohol, and alcohol makes people loud and stupid. It actually depresses your hearing, so you can’t hear yourself talk as well, so you speak louder. And a room full of people speaking louder means a very boisterous room. And of course, alcohol reduces inhibition, so you say things you might not usually say. The parallels to online behavior are easy to see. Online, people are much more willing to type things t...

The Real Name Fallacy - Coral by Vox Media
The Coral Project is an open source project to help publishers of all sizes build better communities around their journalism. We’re creating tools that help everyone to feel safe, respected, and heard.

How Hmong Americans turned a conference call line into a radio of their own - The Verge
The Asian diaspora is reimagining the conference call line as a radio show for Hmong people, by Hmong people. The Verge explores how these "stations" are run, and talks to the DJs who own them.

How We’re Making Code of Conduct Enforcement Real — and Scaling it.
In 2017 the Open Innovation team set goals envisioning Mozilla’s Community Participation Guidelines as a tool not only for consequence, but as a measure and strong influence of community health…