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Rogue Editors Started a Competing Wikipedia That’s Only About Roads
A group of Wikipedia editors wrote 15,000 articles on US roads and highways. But after a fight over the platform's rules, they went rogue.

What Was the TED Talk?
“TED’s archive is a graveyard of ideas. It is a seemingly endless index of stories about the future – the future of science, the future of the environment, the future of work, the future of love and sex, the future of what it means to be human – that never materialized. ... If the research wasn’t entertaining or moving, it was seen as somehow less valuable. TED’s influence on intellectual culture was ‘taking something with value and substance and coring it out so that it can be swallowed without chewing’, Bratton said. ‘This is not the solution to our most frightening problems – rather, this is one of our most frightening problems.’”

How To Criticize Coworkers
I originally wrote this as a doc, and did a talk w/ slides in Fall 2020 at Convoy. This is very focused on how to work in a software engineering team (surprise! that’s most of what I know about!) but I’ve had friends say they’ve shown this to their partners,...

To Understand Facebook Today, Read Its Earliest Critics | by Joanne McNeil | Oct, 2020 | OneZero
Hardly a week goes by without another Facebook scandal. Frustration with Facebook and criticism of it — even despair over it and outright hatred of it — seems constant, evergreen. It’s been this way…

Brutalist design is the bad influence we all need
Like it or not, web-brutalism is moving from something edgy and almost punk to something very mainstream and commercially viable.

Free Yourself of Your Harshest Critic, and Plow Ahead - The New York Times
You’re too close to your work to be a decent judge of it. So cut the paralyzing self-criticism and instead pour that energy into doing what you do.

Wikipedia redesign
But you’re missing the point of designing websites. And if you provide a Wikipedia redesign only to dismiss everything that made its success, and insert your own version of Dribbble’s latest trends, then you’re probably not worth hiring because you’re incapable of analyzing the core purpose of a project and tackling real-world problems.

Twenty Terrible Reasons for Lecturing by Graham Gibbs - eBook | Oxford Brookes University Online Shop
A number of reasons commonly given for lecturing and claims commonly made for the efficiency of lecturers are examined for their basis in empirical evidence and common sense. Most of these claims are found to be somewhat weak. It appears that lecturing takes place rather more often than can be reasonably justified. The real reasons for the popularity of lecturing amongst lecturers are then examined. Of the twenty reasons for lecturing examined here, the first nine have little substan...