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Steve Wozniak on why he doesn't have an Apple Watch |
Sometimes it's not just the ones that have academic-type knowledge to answer questions, sometimes it's the ones who have actually built projects.

Distractions - Matt Gemmell
How the Apple Watch changed my relationship with other devices.

The Great Smartphone War: Apple vs. Samsung | Vanity Fair
Kurt Eichenwald explores the Korean company’s record of patent infringement and explains why Apple might win the battles but still lose the war.

Work Habits at Apple – Ole Begemann
And I said it’s a lot like working in a nuclear power plant, but you don’t get one of those protective suits. It’s a lot of radiation and you either learn to survive it or you die. ’Cause they’re not mean people, they’re not spiteful people, they’re not trying to trip you up, They’re just very intense and, you know, things emanate from them, right?