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The silence is deafening | Devon's Site
Imagine you're at a dinner party, and you're getting into a heated argument. As you start yelling, the other people quickly hush their voices and start glaring at you. None of the onlookers have to take further action—it's clear from their facial...

Blessed Are the Meek | Spike Art Daily
“Generation Wuss” only wants to be liked, is incapable of dealing with criticism, and takes everything too seriously – this was the gist of a recent piece by Bret Easton Ellis in Vanity Fair. Responding to this no-holds-barred attack on today‘s twenty-somethings, the writer Harry Burke comes to his generation’s defence. — Social Alarm Clock
Make waking up a FUN part of your day! Wakie is a community of people waking people. Only the first 10K users would be able to join The Community.