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We were never supposed to see our own faces this much
From mirrors to Zoom calls and TikToks, we are constantly faced with our own reflections – and it is completely changing the way we conceive of ourselves

Critical thinking is great, but in a world full of information we need to learn 'critical ignoring'
Critical thinking helps us to evaluate the information we come across, but it may not be enough in a digital world that contains more information than the world’s libraries combined.

how to stop being "terminally online" | nights's blog
has something being present on social media (a frequently talked about movie, author, or political viewpoint, for example) ever made you come to the conclusion that it is just as present in "real life"? is this actually true?

We Need to Talk About Digital Blackface in Reaction GIFs | Teen Vogue
In this op-ed, Lauren Michele Jackson tackles the recurring use of black people as reaction GIFs and its implications in terms of broader “digital blackface.”

spatie/laravel-medialibrary: Associate files with Eloquent models
Medialibrary is a Laravel (5.4 and up) package that can associate all sorts of files with Eloquent models. It provides a simple, fluent API to work with.

pierredepaz/politics-of-code: Repository for the code, readings and resources for the Politics of Code class at NYU AD Fall 2016
This course is aimed at deconstructing the design and implementation of software as a political medium, such as Facebook’s timeline algorithm, city officials’ use of computer simulations to orchestrate urban life, blockchain-backed proof of ownership and algorithmic criminal assessment. Along with an introduction to political theory and media studies, coupled with an exploration of the underlying political impacts of those systems, students will work on several hands-on projects to o...