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Teamwork on your time
Eliminate 38% of meetings with quick back-and-forth videos and smart reminders. Share clear feedback with time-based screen recording annotations.

How To Criticize Coworkers
I originally wrote this as a doc, and did a talk w/ slides in Fall 2020 at Convoy. This is very focused on how to work in a software engineering team (surprise! that’s most of what I know about!) but I’ve had friends say they’ve shown this to their partners,...

The 3 principles of designing for flow
The flow state unlocks creativity and turns work into play. With Rahul Vohra's 3 principles, you can design experiences that cultivate this elusive state.

Can we forget about gamification once and for all? | by Olga Filimon-Lecka | UX Collective
If I got a dollar every time I hear about gamification in a client meeting, I would be rich. Very rich. And the funny thing is, I don’t really work on consumer apps. I usually work with big (or…

Design for the feedback you want
Details like colour, copy, and spacing are obvious and easy to point out. If that’s what you want to discuss, then high fidelity mockups work well. But if you’re looking for feedback on the less obvious parts of your design (e.g., how it functions or how a user interacts with it) it might get overlooked.