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How becoming a Covid long-hauler made me rethink disability | The Spinoff
Despite having lived with a disability her whole life, it took becoming one of the unlucky few who experience symptoms long after they should have 'recovered' from Covid-19 that forced Áine Kelly-Costello to reckon with a different kind of disability experience. I was born with a congenital conditi

A Tsunami of Disability Is Coming as a Result of 'Long COVID' - Scientific American
Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.

Hygiene Theater Is Still a Huge Waste of Time - The Atlantic
Too many people imagine the fight against COVID-19 as a land war to be waged with sudsy hand-to-hand combat against grimy surfaces.

World of Warcraft’s Corrupted Blood pandemic may prove useful to coronavirus researchers - The Washington Post
A "virus" decimated in-game cities. Player behavior may prove instructive for researchers projecting the spread of covid-19. via

We Had the COVID-19 Vaccine the Whole Time
You may be surprised to learn that of the trio of long-awaited coronavirus vaccines, the most promising, Moderna’s mRNA-1273, which reported a 94.5 percent efficacy rate on November 16, had been designed by January 13.

Aerosols: Why Is the Risk of Coronavirus Transmission so High Indoors? | ZEIT ONLINE
Whenever people gather in closed spaces, the infection risk climbs. Our interactive tool shows how the coronavirus spreads. Find out how safe your environment is.

Covid-19: The global crisis — in data
Charts and maps show paradoxes of a pandemic that has claimed a million lives