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Princeton IoT Inspector
an open-source tool that helps you learn more about your IoT devices with one-click install

An Interaction Model for Visualizations Beyond The Desktop
We present an interaction model for beyond-desktop visualizations that combines the visualization reference model with the instrumental interaction paradigm. Beyond-desktop visualizations involve a wide range of emerging technologies such as wall- sized displays, 3D and shape-changing displays, touch and tangible input, and physical information visualizations. While these technologies allow for new forms of interaction, they are often studied in isolation. New conceptual models are n...

Physical and tangible information visualization
Visualizations in the most general sense of external, physical representations of information are older than the invention of writing. Generally, external representations promote external cognition and visual thinking, and humans developed a rich set of skills for crafting and exploring them. Computers immensely increased the amount of data we can collect and process as well as diversified the ways we can represent it visually. Computer-supported visualization systems, studied in the...

Javascript and the Internet of Things- Postscapes
Javascript and the Internet of Things - A look at how JavaScript, Node.js is driving the Internet of Things -