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Bricolage Grotesque — Free & Open Source Variable Font
An expressive variable font that blends iconic French and British designs across three axes: weight, width, and optical size. It visually expresses what it feels like when you cannot be what you were and yet you can never truly be anybody else.

CamingoCode - Webfont & Desktop font « MyFonts
CamingoCode is a monospaced typeface designed for source-code editors. A compact appearance and a moderate line height provide for good legibility and make writing code a pleasure. It is based on CamingoMono, but has several...

Beyond TYPO Font – Felt-tip look with OpenType Features
> Diesen Artikel auf Deutsch lesen. Microbes always find a nook or cranny to occupy. Steff Hengge sees parallels between the world of microbes and bacteria and the way designers work. For instance, the constant search for new solutions, the will to adapt to given conditions and the capacity for creative cooperation and combination. Particularly […]

A sans serif font designed especially for literacy use, taking into account the needs of beginning readers. The focus is on clear, easy-to-perceive letterforms that will not be readily confused with one another.