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Mark Zuckerberg's Metaverse reflects our world today - New Statesman
For Meta’s business model – which has long proven to be successful – is to cater to the normies. Our “real” world remains a normie world. It demands little in the way of aesthetic excellence from the various platforms through which content is delivered, and as long as profit is the only motive for its delivery, creators have no more reason to pursue aesthetic excellence than normies have to expect it.

A Brief History of Design: How I came to appreciate Microsoft’s design roots
It is easy to question everything designed before you when you join a new company. I mean, why the heck would a scroll bar be red in Windows 2.0 … what could they have possibly been thinking?! But while it may be fun and easy to criticize the past, it is crucial to ask the question “why?” To realize that those who came before were pretty damn cutting-edge, and that each design decision carries the baggage of late nights, pulled hair, teamwork, innovation, and expertise.