Victor Loux

I’m a cross-disciplinary interaction designer, developerresearch student based in London.

My interests lie in digital preservation, data visualisation, service design, physical computing (IoT), typography, natural language processing, accessible design, and security usability.

My practice is at the intersection of people, design, and technology.

Selected Work

A short documentary on digital poetry and Twitter bots, made in collaboration with Betül Aksu, Sophie Skach and Zhou Tang. Features interviews with Nick Montfort, Darius Kazemi, Stephen McGregor, Paul Kneale, George Buckenham and Sandy Baldwin.

Data sonification is the acoustic equivalent of data visualisation: it maps differences in the values of a dataset to audible changes in pitch, or use of different chords or velocity. It has a variety of applications, such as making visualisations accessible to visually impaired people, airing them on radio or podcasts, or simply to create interesting musical pieces; but sadly, the majority of existing tools to convert datasets to MIDI are too complex for musicians, journalists or designers. DAW is a data-based sequencer and tracker implemented in an easy, more accessible web-based editor, allowing non-technical people to experiment with data sonification.

The demo presented here is a proof of concept/work in progress that is due to be developed further.

Online social networks are progressively replacing traditional photo albums and diaries as the central places that hold our life stories. Despite their convenience, they are often fragile and short-lived, and we cannot expect them to store these important memories for us forever. Reminiscer is a digital time capsule that allows people to back up their content from social networks, preserve them over several decades, and let us look back on our digital life in an organised way.

A Cuppa Tunes is an eclectic playlist of musical discoveries. I started running it in 2012 as a simple Facebook page, but as the number of posts expanded to the thousands I decided to create a small web app that archives all posts from Facebook, provides sorting by musical genre, and allows automatic, continuous playback throughout the posts, using the YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo and BandCamp APIs.

Initiated from a concept built in 48 hours at the Dundee Global Service Jam, Tig! was an experiment for an augmented reality game which allowed students and grown-ups to play an enhanced version of Hide and Seek in urban environments, on a much larger scale thanks to geolocation, and digital additions taken from traditional videogames (such as “power-ups”, teams, Capture the Flag-like scenarios, etc.). It is meant to be used as a fun pass-time to ultimately break up long study and work sessions, relieve stress and improve the users’ concentration and productivity.

I was in charge of the graphic design for the final year exhibitions of Social Digital at DJCAD, the grouping of the Digital Interaction Design and Product Design courses. I conceived a visual identity and developed the matching website, booklets, project boards and wall decorations, which were used at the DJCAD Degree Show and New Designers 2015.

STATIC was our course's fundraising night. I designed the logo and flyers for the event and VJed during the night, along with top local DJs, on a wide mapped screen. I used Resolume and made a custom equaliser using Quartz Composer that re-used our logo shape.

At the beginning of my degree’s final year we had to create products called “PeDeTe” (People-Design-Technology) boxes,representing how these aspects will influence our final piece, to create a conversation about it with people from outwith the course. I decided to create a digital installation using a webcam, face tracking with HTML5 video and OpenCV, and CSS transforms and perspective, to create a “digital box” whose perspective changes depending on the position of the user, creating the illusion of a real box on the screen.

In collaboration with Luke Augustine and Daniel Kochaniuk, product design students. This is a custom device for a person dealing with self-confidence issues and addiction to her phone. We created a physical point where they could access personalised data from social media that is meaningful to their lives. In exchange of giving their phone away, the device starts up and reads positive tweets with certain issues the user is currently dealing with. I built the electronics, Arduino code for the product, PHP code to fetch tweets and use NLP to detect positive messages, and Processing code to interact with a speech synthesis API.

Drop me an email if you would like see more development-oriented projects, or know more about my process.

Curriculum Vitæ


PhD · Media and Arts Technology — in progress

EECS, Queen Mary University of London, England
RCUK Digital Economy Programme Centre for Doctoral Training

BSc (Hons) · Digital Interaction Design

DJCAD, University of Dundee, Scotland · with first class honours
winner of the William Armstrong Davidson prize

Professional Baccalaureate (HNC equivalent) · Graphic Design

Lycée Gutenberg, Illkirch, France · [Bac Pro AMA CG] · overall merit

BEP (National Certificate equivalent) · Prepress and Print Production

Lycée Gutenberg, Illkirch, France · [BEP MCIG] · overall merit

Work experience

Data engineer intern

b00t, London, England
R&D for an interactive art installation

Research assistant / back-end web developer

dot.rural at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland
Development & UX design of a custom CMS and an API as part of the WoodWorks project

Web developer & UX designer

Arthénon, Strasbourg, France
Development of an internal web app for writers and publishers

Research assistant / Interaction designer & developer

University of Dundee, Scotland
Co-conception, engineering and development of a physical prototype for research

Back-end web developer

mtc. media, Dundee, Scotland
Development and maintenance of e-commerce and corporate websites

Head of online activism

FIDL The Students' Union, Paris, France
Organisation of a conference, rebranding and community management

freelance work as a graphic designer and developer for Philippine Janssens, Mars Chocolate, Singlie Farmhouse and CargoÉlan
internships at Com'Quoi (January 2011), Disturbance (October 2010), Shining Karma (June 2010), Wecom (March 2010) and Reymann (May 2008)


Usability engineering & interaction design
Design ethnography, research and evaluation
Microinteractions development
User interface design
Data visualisation
Editorial & graphic design

Prototyping → Arduino, Axure, Framer, OmniGraffle, InVision, Rhino / 3D Printing*
Interactive → Processing, Quartz Composer, Max/MSP*, OpenCV*
Graphics → Illustrator, Sketch, InDesign, Photoshop, Fireworks
Audiovisual → Resolume, Final Cut Pro, Motion*, Logic Pro*
Software → Laravel, PHP, Node, SQL, Java*, Python*, Ruby*
Web → Javascript, D3.js, HTML / CSS, Sass, PhoneGap*, Backbone*
Misc. → Git, LaTeX, shell scripting, woodworking*, R*

* = limited experience

Typography, digital preservation, data visualisation, service design, information architecture, physical computing (IoT), natural language processing, information security

Fluent in French and English; beginner in German, Spanish and Icelandic
Full clean EU driving licence. Trained for first aid at work.